Network Troubleshooting

Is your home or office suffering from network issues. Allow our certified professionals to help you. We can fix, setup, and troubleshoot you network to meet the standards of today. Port forwarding Homebrew servers WiFi setup Security Firewall Ethernet cabling

Game Servers

Looking to setup a Minecraft, DayZ, or Arma server for you and your friends to play on? Allow us to build a secure and reliable solution for you. No messing with installing plugins, updating servers, or port forwarding. Minecraft Arma 2 DayZ Fast Reliable Secure

File Servers

Need to store files so all computers in the office can access them? We can provide many storage solutions. Ftp Mapped network drive Cloud storage

Home Network Setup

Let Solutions by Steve setup and secure you home network. Stop your neighbors from stealing your internet. We can make sure the most important devices get majority of your internet. WiFi setup Network cabling Netflix optimization QOS (Quality of service) Router install and upgrades Homebrew servers Online gaming