Interested in one of our services? You can find our competitive prices below. Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us or if you are ready you can schedule your PC repair. We’re here for you.

Computer Repair

$40 – Minimum Bench Fee:

A 30 minute diagnostic for troubleshooting issues. This fee will be waived if you choose a service below.

$45 – Data Backup:

Backs up all user data to a provided external device.

$35 – Physical Cleaning:

Improves system stability and prevents overheating by cleaning fans, vents, and CPU heat sinks.

$80 – Cleaning & Optimization:

We remove unnecessary programs, install security updates, and optimize the system for speed and stability.

$80 – Virus Removal & Prevention:

We scan/remove malicious software, install security updates and AV software (if needed) and optimize the system.

$80 – Operating System Install:

We install/update the original OS and include our basic software package and optimization. (ALL EXISTING DATA IS LOST)

$110 – OS Install w/ Data Backup:

After installation, all old non-OS related data is transferred to a single folder and shortcut to it is placed on your desktop.

$130 – OS Install w/ Data Restore:

After installation, all data (Documents, Music, Favorites, etc.) is restored to its previous location.

$80 – New System Setup/Migration:

Moves and restores personal data, updates, and optimizes a new computer.

Hourly Rate for project work

In office: $80/hr

You bring the device to us and we work on it in the shop.

Remote: $80/hr

You install our remote software and we work on it remotely.

On-site: $120/hr

We come to you.

Monthly Services

Looking for Unlimited Remote support? Check out the Proactive Plan.

Looking for Unlimited On-site support? Check out the Fully Managed Plan.

Interested in keeping your office secure and up to date? Let the pros handle that for you. Check out our monthly services provided by Solutions MSP.