WKVI is a radio station out of Knox, IN, Their station consists of an AM (Kountry KVI) and FM (K99.3) station. They came to me looking for a newly updated website. Some of their request were to make sure it was compatible with their old system, live streaming capabilities, and RCS NEXGEN support. Be sure to check out more of the job duties below and if you would interested in learning more about WKVI check out their website or Facebook.

Job Duties

WKVI was using an existing WordPress installation. Their request for me was to provide them with a new custom theme along with support for all existing content and plugins. Included in their new custom theme I provided a few custom plugins to add features such as weather forecast as a widget and social icons. I helped improve SEO by getting rid of redundant google search results and also adding author meta to improve the appearance of WKVI authors in search results. Also included in the custom themes were live streaming players that are capable of streaming each of their stations live on the internet. Each of the live streamers are capable of pulling song data from their RCS Nexgen systems.